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Store While You Sleep With The Trento Lift Up Storage Base

June 11, 2018

Store While You Sleep With The Trento Lift Up Storage Base

Many would agree that our homes don’t have enough storage especially the bedroom. It can quickly become one of the most cluttered places where clothes, shoes and personal items take over our personal space. Nothing is more frustrating and stressful than a messy bedroom and overflowing closets. After all, your bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation and serenity. The Trento Lift Up Storage Base can provide you with all the peace of mind you need.

Why You Should Consider A Storage Bed

Some may agree that using boxes is enough but it really isn’t. Finding the right box is only half the problem; what about remembering where you put what? Or trying to leopard crawl under the bed looking for the box with your favourite winter sheet? Not to mention the constant moving and rummaging of boxes could damage your floors or leave scuff marks.

Gone are the days of shoving things under the bed and trying to find clever ways to store everything. Storage beds are ideal to maximise space, keep your bedroom more organised and leave your belongings dust and insect free. The additional storage space also means you no longer need the bulky chest of drawers cluttering your room. An added bonus of a storage bed in your guestroom is providing hidden storage. This is perfect for out of season clothing, linen, bedding, toys and even your entire shoe collection.

Organise Your Bedroom In Style With A Trento Lift Up Storage Base

Available in six sizes ranging from 91 x 188 cm to 152 x 200 cm, the Trento Lift Up Storage Base not only offers storage, it does so in style. Hand crafted using Kiln Dried South African Pine and with the help of quality upholstered grey fabric, the Trento Lift Up Storage Base blends seamlessly into almost any bedroom interior.

Maximum storage space is 260 mm deep with a base weight limit of 500 kg including the mattress. The superior quality and strength ensures that your mattress rests sturdily on a solid Grade 16 mm chip board base.

If you are looking to add style and function to your bedroom, look no further than the Trento Lift Up Storage Base. For more information, contact our team at Bed King for expert advice, exceptional service and quality beds.

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