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4 Things You Could Be Doing In Your Sleep (Without Knowing!)

May 29, 2019

Super weird stuff that could happen while you sleep

Sleeping is pretty strange, right? When you take it out of context and look at it as approximately 8 hours of the day that we lie down voluntarily to go into a suspended state of unconsciousness, it seems like fairly odd behaviour. Of course, we all know that we need sleep to ensure that our bodies and brains can function optimally and stave off disease, but it’s still just, well, a little weird.  

What makes it weirder still is that you could be doing things in your sleep without being aware of it. Although the number of people who suffer from the following parasomnia conditions is very small, it remains ever so slightly chilling to imagine that it could happen to you or someone you know.

Here are four strange things you could be doing in your sleep:

Chowing Down

A condition known as 'nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder' causes approximately 5% of the world's population to eat while they are asleep, with no memory of it occurring once they wake. It can be a cause of unexplained weight gain and can be managed with medication once it has been diagnosed correctly.

Battling Night Terrors

Night terrors (also known as sleep terrors) differ from conventional nightmares in that it occurs before the dream state (REM). Individuals who suffer from night terrors have been known to get out of bed, and run/walk around, only to wake up extremely confused.

Getting Hypnagogic Jerks

Have you ever been at the point of feeling asleep, only to kick yourself awake as you ‘trip’ off a sidewalk or ‘walk’ off a cliff in your dream? These kicks are called hypnagogic jerks and are essentially harmless muscle twitches. However, if it keeps you from falling and remaining asleep, or it causes anxiety that leads to sleeplessness, you may want to take it up with your doctor.

Becoming Chatty (And A Little Vulgar)

Sleep talking, also known as somniloquy, is still largely an unexplained phenomenon. Some people groan others mumble, and others speak gibberish or even full sentences. There have even been reports about people speaking in different languages or voices that they use when they're awake (yikes!). Plus, you're more likely to swear when you talk in your sleep! According to a study conducted in the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, participants used swear words far more liberally during sleep discourse than in conscious conversation.

There you have it - four strange things that impact the sleep of seemingly ordinary people around the world. If you suspect that something may be amiss with your sleeping patterns, your best course of action is to seek out the advice of a physician or medical professional to get an educated opinion and input on a tailor-made treatment plan.

Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months as we share more interesting info on the fascinating mechanics of sleep. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to a member of the Bed King team for more info on our wide range of comfort-graded mattresses or, better yet, visit us in store to try out our Comfort Solutions Lab®!

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