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Spring into Spring with a Spring Mattress

October 01, 2015

Spring into Spring with a Spring Mattress

Spring is traditionally seen as the time of new beginnings. The sun is starting the day earlier, the birds and their chicks are starting to  chirp and the flowers are starting to bud. All around you there are the signs of new beginnings. But if spring is the time of new beginnings, then maybe it is also the time for a new spring mattress.

We’ve often spoken about the need to replace your mattress every seven to ten years depending on use as even the best mattress will start to show signs of sagging and will lose some of its support leading to back pain and poorer sleep, not to mention the build up of bugs, skin cells and other unmentionables.

Fortunately if you are looking for a really great priced mattress that still provides sufficient support, spring mattresses are ideal sleeping partners. While spring mattresses are not the oldest of mattress designs, their design is so good that they have stood the test of time thanks to their ingenious system of support and high levels of comfort at really great prices.

There are three main types of spring mattress: Pocket Spring, Open Spring and Continuous Spring.

Pocket Spring mattresses have a series of independent springs that work to provide you with full body support and cushioning while you sleep. Because the springs are independent, both you and your partner will be supported comfortably. A great all round sleeper? Try the Simmons Deluxe.

Open Spring mattresses utilise Bonnell Units which are slightly larger springs than the traditional pocket springs. This makes them ideal for kids or guest rooms.Looking for a great mattress? Try out the Heritage Pillow Top with Marvelous Middle Mattress: While it might look like an Oreo, it is super comfortable and perfect for sweet dreams..

Also known as individual coil mattress, Continuous Spring mattresses, as the name suggests, are made out of a single continuous wire that creates all the springs in your mattress. The effect of this is that the mattress is more stable with inter-linked coils that support you and your partner while you sleep. One of our favourites? Try the Serta Wellness Firm (Perfect Sleeper), This firm mattress is ideal for those people who are looking to get maximum support while they sleep.

Even if your mattress is still pretty new, don’t forget to care for it regularly with frequent turning and flipping. Find out more about mattress care here or contact your local Bed King store to find out more.

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