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10 Tips For Sleeping Well in the Heat of Summer

November 27, 2018

Tips for sleeping well in summer

Summer has well and truly arrived in sunny South Africa, and while that means that the holidays aren’t far off, it also means the heat is on. When temperatures soar to the high 30s and low 40s it can be very difficult to get quality sleep, because our bodies are wired to release melatonin (the sleep hormone) at lower temperatures. As such, it can lead to restless nights and long, tired days.

The best way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to keep your bedroom cool, quiet and dark. Here are a few of our top tips to do so:

  1. Fortunate enough to have an air conditioner? Keep the temperature between 15 - 18°C (the optimal temperature for melatonin production).
  2. Switch off any electrical devices or gadgets in your room that could be heating up the space with their ambient warmth.
  3. If you don’t have an AC, you can simulate the effects thereof by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan.
  4. Open your bedroom windows and door before dawn to let the cool air in and then close it again when the temperatures rise.
  5. Wear light, loose-fitting pyjamas that breathe well.
  6. Invest in cotton sheets and pillow cases.
  7. Have a hot bath before bed. This may seem a little counterintuitive, but it brings the blood to the surface of the skin which helps you to cool down quicker once you get out.
  8. Have a cold glass of water or rooibos ice tea before bed (avoid Ceylon and green tea - it contains caffeine).
  9. Fill a hot water bottle with ice.
  10. Consider buying a mattress that has been developed to stay cool. Well-ventilated mattresses with cutting-edge memory foam technology can make all the difference.

DID YOU KNOW? The five towns and cities in South Africa that are officially the hottest (according to annual temperature averages) are Kimberley, Skukuza, Musina, Upington, and Dunbrody. The hottest single temperature in South Africa was measured in Dunbrody near Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape on 3 November 1918 at an official 50ºC.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can keep your cool during summer. For more advice on restorative rest and how to get quality sleep, keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and weeks. Or better yet - visit us in store! Our branches countrywide now feature the revolutionary Comfort Solutions Lab®, an exciting new system that assesses your body’s unique pressure points and recommends the comfort-graded mattress best suited to your needs.

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