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How to Sleep Better in Hotels…

April 13, 2017

Sleeping Better in Hotel

Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, like a hotel, is one of the biggest things that negatively affects people while travelling. Lack of sleep = Lack of will to function! Good news is – we will be discussing the 12 best ways to make this experience as comfortable as possible for you!



1. Make your hotel room feel like home

The majority of people tend to sleep better when they are in a familiar, cozy environment. Keep it simple – pack a picture of your pooch or bring your favorite pillow. Little tricks like this will certainly help you feel more comfortable in the unknown hotel room.

2. Ask whether the hotel has blackout shades

These are the beauties who blocks out light and will enable you to sleep a little later in the mornings. Trust us – you want them! If the hotel does not have blackout shades and you do not feel like looking for an alternative place to stay, bring eyeshades (you can get a funky pair at TYPO for around 60 bucks) it is the next best thing.

3. Silence is Golden

Never forget to bring a set of high quality earplugs. We recommend foam earplugs as they block out almost every sound and bonus - they aren’t even that expensive! Hotel rooms have really thin walls and there is nothing worse than having to listen to the Kardashians at 2AM because your “neighbors” don’t know how to work the volume button. When we know you would much rather be relaxing in dream land.

4. Pre-bed routine

This can contribute greatly to the quality of sleep that you will be getting. We suggest switching off electronics about 90 minutes before bedtime. It will give your brain some time to slow down – which is essential for quality z’s. Rather opt for doing something calm and relaxing like reading or performing some stretches.

5. Take a nice warm shower

If you take a quick, steamy shower whilst bring your room’s temperature down to 65 degrees – which is proved to be the best temperature for sleep at night by Rebecca Robbins, author of “Sleep for Success” – the transition will help you to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

6. Do not disturb!

Be sure to hang the “Do not disturb!” sign on your door before going to bed. Housekeeping usually starts rounds around 8AM and will wake you if you have no sign keeping them out.

7. Magic Milk

Experts advise to avoid protein straight before bed, but milk is the only exception to the rule. Many of us grew up having a warming glass of milk before hitting the hay, and it actually seemed to help us sleep better. This isn’t necessarily a proven fact – rather just sticking to what is familiar to you and helps you relax personally.

8. Say NO! to the “night cap”

Alcohol is one of the worst things possible before bed. Alcohol is an REM sleep inhibitor – it pulls your body out of rapid – eye movement sleep, which is where all of the benefits of sleep come into play. That is why you usually feel exhausted the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Rather stick to tip number 7 mentioned above.

9. Consistency is key

Do your best to cohere to your usual routine. If you normally do yoga before bed – then do yoga in your hotel room as well. And stick to your typical bedtime as though you were at home. Keeping to your regular, orderly, conventional habits will definitely help you become less tense and relaxed.

10. Stuffy air

Hotel rooms tend to feel stuffy and over – deodorized. If possible, open the window to let the air circulate. If you are having a not- so-lucky day and don’t have a window view, try organizing a fan or a room with air conditioning. It really helps!

11. Get that firm mattress

When you make your reservation, ask for a room that has recently been re-done. Chances are, the mattress will also be new and offer you a higher quality of rest.

Last but not least…

12. Avoid booking a room with a pool view

Even though this seems like hitting the jackpot of hotel views, it really isn’t. Pools are a great spot for late night gatherings and noise echoes off of water.

We hope that these tips will aid in helping you sleep better when you have your next trip. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be struck with luck and find a hotel with comfortable, luxury beds from the one and only Bed King…

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” – Irish proverb.

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