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Showering Before Bed Helps You Sleep - Here's How

April 16, 2019

A shower before bedtime paves the way for sound sleep

For many people, showering is a morning ritual. It’s a quick and simple way to freshen up before you head to work for the day and has the added benefit of dashing away any lingering cobwebs. However, experts will now have us believe that showering can also be beneficial when it comes to addressing sleeplessness and laying the groundwork for a solid night’s rest. Here’s the skinny on these new findings.

Showering Boosts Your Body Clock

It turns out a warm shower (or bath for that matter) can give our body clock the little nudge it needs to get us sleepy at night. Here’s how it works. Our bodies operate according to a circadian rhythm that underpins our sleep-wake cycle. A part of this rhythm is a gentle rising and lowering of our core body temperature throughout the day. Lower temperatures signal our bodies that it's time for rest, which prompts the brain to release melatonin that prepares us for sleep.

But wait, what's the deal with warm showers then, won't it keep you awake it the whole cooling-down thing is true? That's where it gets interesting. A warm shower may heat up your body while you're under the water, but as soon as you get out the water evaporates from your skin, cooling down your body much like sweat would do on a warm day. This signals your brain that it's time to turn in, which makes it a whole lot easier to fall and remain asleep.

More Ways In Which Showers Aid Sleep

A shower before bedtime also helps you to unwind in other ways. These include:

  • Easing stress and tension so you can relax.
  • Getting you nice and clean so you don't bring any dirt, etc. onto your sheets (which could be quite distracting).
  • Unplugging you from your tech so you can transition into ‘winding-down mode.’

There you have it - a few good reasons to make a shower a part of your bedtime routine. Keep your eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months as we share more expert insight into the science of sleep and what you can do to ensure that you enjoy optimal rest that allows for peak performance throughout the day. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with a Bed King consultant to learn more about our comfort-graded sleeping surfaces, or (better yet!), visit us in store to experience our patented Comfort Solutions Lab® to find your ideal mattress.

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