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Product Spotlight: Serta Wellness Plush Perfect Sleeper with Latex

September 15, 2015

Product Spotlight: Serta Wellness Plush Perfect Sleeper with Latex

Mention the word Serta to anybody and the first thing that they will immediately think about are those old adverts with the Serta Sheep. These friendly sheep had joined the ranks of the unemployed due to the simple fact that due to the comfort and softness of the Serta mattress, no one needed to count sheep any more to fall asleep. While we might not see these sheep as much any more on our screens, they are definitely still out a job thanks to the comfort of Serta mattresses such as the Serta Perfect Sleeper with Latex.

Available in a full range of sizes from your Standard Single - perfect for the kids’ rooms - to the super spacious extra long King Extra Length - perfect for couples who really love to stretch out - this mattress lives up to its name thanks to its Miracoil System and plush latex top section.

The Miracoil System is the strongest of its kind in the world and helps to ensure that not only this mattress retains its spring for years to come, but it also helps to distribute your body weight evenly while you sleep. Combine this with Serta’s unique system of reinforcing the perimeter and corners of your mattress and you have a high quality mattress that will give you the perfect night’s sleep for years.

The other amazing feature of this mattress is the latex top. The high density latex foam top is highly breathable and quickly wicks away moisture for a comfortable and hygienic night’s sleep. For added hygiene peace of mind, the latex has also been treated with an anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antibacterial treatment.

One of our favourite features of this bed is the fact that it is flip free - meaning that you will never have to worry about ever rotating or turning this mattress. If you are going for a bed as large as the King Extra Length this makes a huge difference! .

With so many great features and extreme plush comfort, it is easy to see why the Serta Perfect Sleeper with Latex has put those Serta Sheep out of a job.

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