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Santa's Sleep Stress

December 20, 2013

Santa's Sleep Stress

With it being the week before Christmas, and everybody concerned about shopping and getting the children to sleep on the night before christmas, maybe it is about time that somebody actually spared a little thought for all the sleep-related hazards that Santa goes through in order to get all the presents out in a single night. 

Let’s start with the run-up to Christmas deadline. With his hundreds of years of experience with deadlines (the original Saint Nicolas was born in 270CE), we’re pretty sure that he isn’t going to leave it all to the last moment. Still, in the weeks just before Christmas, we’re sure that everybody at the North Pole is working double time to get all the presents ready. In fact with there being almost 2 billion children around the world (hopefully they have all been nice and not naughty this year), we wouldn’t be surprised if he was working 24 hours a day. 

So how does Santa deal with this shortage of sleep? Probably with short power naps of around twenty minutes throughout the day. Provided that a power nap ends before Short Wave Sleep starts, they will help Santa to be alert and focused. The best way for Santa to ensure that he doesn’t sleep too long? Hold some jingle bells while napping - just before Short Wave Sleep set in, his whole body will relax and he’ll let go the bells, waking up refreshed and ready to continue working!

Once all the presents are made, thanks to the turning of the Earth, Santa will have 36 hours to deliver presents to all the children of the world, from New Zealand to Hawaii. That is a long time to stay awake! While it might be tempting to use stimulants such as coffee or energy drinks, like Red Reindeer, to stay awake, they can have dangerous side effects if not used in moderation. Too many of them can lead to heart problems, diabetes, headaches and migraines, and even insomnia! 

Staying awake for 36 hours is not going to be healthy for Santa. While Santa will have to limit the amount of caffeine and energy drinks that he uses, hopefully by overdoing it only once a year, the long term effects on his health can be mitigated with plenty of sleep after Christmas! 

While steering his sleigh, Santa should avoid drinking any alcohol! Not only is this illegal and dangerous, but the combination of lack of sleep can exacerbate the effects of alcohol and would severely impair Santa’s flying skills and judgement!

Fortunately Santa will be getting plenty of exercise climbing down chimneys, because sitting in the same position for extended periods of time is not only unhealthy, but can negatively affect your sleep pattern! Santa will just need to remember to stretch after sitting for long periods.

Everybody who loves Santa is sure to leave him mince pies and milk on the door step this Christmas Eve, but these can also be dangerous to his health! Imagine trying to eat a billion cookies?! Sleep deprivation can lead to overeating, and Santa is going to have to exercise great self control to limit the amount that he eats this year! While a cookie and a glass of milk might be perfect just before you go to sleep, overeating, especially rich, sugar filled cookies, can lead to poor, restless sleep! The best thing that Santa can go is to have a few cookies to keep his energy up and take the rest home for all the elves back at the North Pole! We’re sure they would appreciate it for their year end function!

So our tips for Santa, and everyone else to get the most out of their sleep this season?

  • Take power naps
  • Avoid excessive  stimulants
  • No drinking and driving!
  • Limit the cookies and milk
  • And of course, get plenty of sleep!

When Santa finally gets some sleep, we’re sure that he will want a Simmons Crescendo (Legacy) memory foam mattress, one of the most luxurious mattresses available in South Africa. With a memory foam on a coil sleeping surface, Santa is sure to get a good night’s sleep after such a stressful night!

Check out the Simmons Crescendo and other amazing sleep solutions here:

Merry Christmas and a happy and safe festive season to all!

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