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How To Choose PJs That Promote Sleep

September 25, 2019

 What to wear to bed for better sleep

How To Choose PJs That Promote Sleep

You can tell a lot about the type of pyjamas someone chooses. Whether you opt for silky camisoles and matching bottoms, an old pair of sweatpants and your favourite university T-shirt, or like to show off your geeky love for Harry Potter or DC comics characters like The Flash, you’re revealing a part of your personality - that’s for sure. However, did you also know that the type of clothing you wear to bed has the potential to affect your ability to get a good night’s rest? Here are a few top tips to bear in mind when you consider your bedtime wardrobe: 


It All Comes Down To Even Temperature

In order to enjoy restorative rest, your body requires a comfortable environment and Goldilocks temperature - not too hot and not too cold. Your body heat peaks in the evening and then drops to its lowest levels when you're asleep, so a cool 16-18°C is thought to be an ideal temperature. As such, too many layers can inhibit proper rest. 

Avoid Tight Clothing

Aside from being just plain uncomfortable, tight clothing like bras and skinny jeans can actually be dangerous for your health - it has the potential to pinch nerves and inhibit the working of your lymph drainage system, impact on your immunity. Avoid when possible. 

Go Au Natural Or Choose Breathable Fabrics

Yup - sleeping in the buff is actually the best way to go. It gives your body a free range of motion and allows your natural temperature gage to do its thing. The next best thing is breathable, loose-fitting pyjamas in natural fabrics like cotton, silk or linen. 

Keep It Clean

Whatever you do choose to wear, make sure that it's clean. It can be tempting to wear your PJs a few days in a row to save on washing, but we actually sweat quite a bit at night, and this can lead to a buildup of body oils and other skin residues. This is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to skin infections and even contact dermatitis. 

Check Your Bedding Too

Just as the fabrics you wear impact your ability to sleep well, so do the materials on which you sleep. Ideally, you want to choose natural, breathable sheets, pillowcases and comforters that wick away moisture and won't suffocate your skin. Select a duvet that suits your climate, and if you find that your body temperature tends to run hot while you sleep, see about investing in a mattress with cooling technology. 

There you have it - 5 top tips on choosing pyjamas that will improve your ability to fall and remain asleep. Would you like to know more about the science of sleep and how you can get the best quality zzz’s possible? Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we’d also suggest that you visit us in-store to try out our revolutionary Comfort Solutions Lab® - it’s the most efficient way of mapping your pressure points and finding the mattress that conforms to your personal comfort levels. 


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