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The Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Bed with Your Pets

September 27, 2017

Sharing your bed with your pets: yay or nay?

When you think of sharing your bed with a dog do you see your warm and cuddly fur-baby or do you see dirty paw prints and stinky dog breath? For the majority of people who don’t own dogs, the idea of having a dog sleeping in your bed is not one that you would relish. Even among dog owners, there are those who do allow their dogs in their beds and those who are strictly against it. If you are in the latter group, you will know all too well that it takes hard work, reinforcement and a lot of willpower to stop your furry friend from jumping on the bed and making it his or her preferred nighttime resting place. For those with dogs who do sleep on the bed, you will know all too well that once you’ve done it once, there is no going back.

There are reasons for and against both schools of thought, and at the end of the day when it is time to curl into your comfortable bed it is a very personal choice and one that needs to be carefully negotiated between you and your dog.

First of all, when they are puppies resistance is futile. They are so small and soft, and helpless that it is extremely not to have your buddy in your bed. But if you don’t want to create a lifetime habit you need to resist.

If you have made the decision that you’re dog rests his weary head where you do every night, you will know that there is something very comforting about going to bed and knowing your best friend is right there. Dogs are demonstrative and loving by nature and having one to cuddle with creates a surge of positive emotions which produce relaxation-inducing hormones that make it easier to fall asleep. And you will never be cold at night with your own living breathing heat generator in your bed.

While you are asleep, your dog will also act as your alarm and protector. Their acute hearing and hyper-alertness mean that they can sense when there’s trouble. The feeling of being safe and secure helps most of us sleep better at night.

Sharing your bed with your dog is also very good for your dog. It strengthens the bond between you, makes him or her feel safe and secure and makes them feel loved.

On the flip side, there is the issue of dirt. While most of us love the beach, we don’t want to sleep in sand. Dogs play outside where there is sand and dirt, and having them in your bed inevitably means having half the garden in there with you too. If you live in the country then a bit of sand in the bed is not the worst thing, but for those who live in cities where your dogs traipse around dirty streets, you might be more reluctant to have your dogs IN your beds. One way to protect your bed from dirt is to invest in a mattress cover. It is also important to remember that dogs not only carry sand, they also carry live passengers too, as the expression says: “Lie down with dogs and you are bound to get fleas.” That being said, if you regularly treat your animals preventatively this shouldn’t be a huge issue.

And as much as dogs can lull you into a dreamy sleep, so too can they rouse you from it and cause you to have a nightmarish night as you are kept awake by the constant tossing and turning, snoring and occasional startled bark from a dream. Sharing your bed with your dog can also cause havoc for your sleeping arrangements with your partner - both of you hanging off your respective sides of the bed while Fido is sprawled all four legs akimbo in the middle of the bed. One of the biggest issues people find with having their dogs sleeping in the bed with them is space. Dogs can sprawl out and suddenly start taking up the space of an extra person.

But if you are one of those dog owners who can’t stand the idea of not having their dog in their bed, then fear not! We have the solution. With a huge range of mattresses in all sizes, why not visit your nearest Bed King and buy a mattress that is big enough for the fur-family too.

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