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Your Mom Was Right About Beauty Sleep - Here’s Why

August 13, 2019

 What’s up with sleep & your skin? Here’s the skinny.

These days a full 8 hours of sleep seems like a luxury to most fully-fledged adults. We live in an age that celebrates time poverty as a mark of success, so why would you spend valuable hours laying around snoozing? Well, if you’re picky about your appearance, getting sufficient sleep should actually be one of your top priorities every day, and not just because it boosts your mental acuity at work - because without it your skin takes a pounding. 

It turns out our moms were right about beauty sleep. Our skins require sufficient sleep to be at it’s plump, dewy best. Here’s what happens to your body’s largest organ when you keep short-changing it on adequate rest: 

Daily Damage Cannot Be Repaired

When we sleep, our bodies release HGH (human growth hormone) from our pituitary glands. This is the hormone that is required to keep your skin plump and radiant - without it, daily damage cannot be repaired and your dermis starts to age visibly. HGH is released within the first 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

Antioxidants Fail To Do Their Job

The middle part of a full 8-hour sleep cycle is when the melatonin kicks in. This hormone plays a vital part in regulating your sleep/wake rhythm, and also has a role to play in skin maintenance. It acts as an antioxidant that protects your dermis from free radicals that can damage its cells. 

Inflammation Is Triggered

Did you know the levels of cortisol in our bodies only reduce during the final three hours of an 8-hour sleep cycle? This is also when our skin temperatures cool down to the lowest point of the night, and our muscles relax, going fully immobile - AKA prime time recovery zone! As such, you'll be losing out on this super crucial bit if you're cruising on an average of 5 or 6 hours' sleep per night. 

There you have it - a concise rundown of the effects too little sleep has on your skin. Easier to understand why we all tend to look a little less than dewy after an all-nighter now, right? If you’re struggling to get a solid 8 hours of rest at night despite getting to bed at a decent time and practising good sleep hygiene, you may want to reconsider your sleeping surface. Visit us in-store at a Bed King branch to try out our revolutionary Comfort Solutions Lab - we’ll map your pressure points and make expert mattress recommendations based on your unique comfort requirements. How cool? 

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