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Five of the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel Suites on Show

June 01, 2016

Hotels fit for kings, princes, stars and starlets

Gold leaf, Italian marble, jacuzzis, butlers, four poster beds, down pillows and silk sheets. These are just some of the elements you’d expect to find in the world’s finest hotel suites. For most of us such opulence and finery is a thing of dreams, reserved for the movies. The guests you’d expect to find is such establishments are Hollywood stars, heads of state, high rolling businessmen and royalty.

The world’s top hotels offer a first class experience that has to be seen to be believed in their luxury suites. Private chefs, plunge pools, private beaches, Rolls Royce taxi services, bulletproof glass, diamond chandeliers, beds the size of a small sports field, private helipad, gold plated cutlery, bone china crockery. The list goes on. There is nothing that could prepare a mere mortal for the level of grandeur and lavishness that is on display.

Whether you are down and out in Hong Kong or living it large in Paris, there are out-of-this-world hotel suites to suite every level of extravagance. Here  is our selection of five of the best.

1) The Royal Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris

Also known as the George V, the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris is one of the most luxurious in Europe. Set in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris’ Golden Triangle, the Royal Suite offers guests some of the best views in the city from its private terraces. Extravagance and luxury are on display as 18th and 19th century art decorates the walls and original period antiques feature in the interior design. An antique gilt bed offers the perfect place for rest and relaxation, under a three million count bedspread, after a long day of shopping along the world famous Champs Elysees.

2) The Peninsula Suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong

Overlooking the Victoria Harbour, the Peninsula Suite is modern, tasteful and luxuriously understated. Clean lines, flat surfaces and modern finishes create a sense of taste and style that has made this suite one of the most sought after places for the rich and famous to rest their heads when in Hong Kong. From the marble bathroom to the gym looking out over the harbour, the private cinema and LED touch screen technology, no detail has been overlooked. Huge glass doors and windows throughout maximise the exquisite views, while wood and fine fabrics create a sense of warmth. This an ideal resting place for high flying businessmen and women.

3) The Bridge Suite at the Royal Towers, The Atlantis in the Bahamas

Atlantis in the Bahamas is indeed a place of legend and fairy tales. A holiday resort island, Atlantis has been built around the legend of the underwater city, fantasy world. The Bridge Suite is the crowning glory of Atlantis. As the name suggests, the suite forms a bridge between to two Royal Towers, and offers huge sweeping views across the entire development and out across the vast ocean beyond. The suite is opulent, decadent and somewhat over the top: gold trimmings, crystal and every mod con and amenity that you could think of are present. There’s a grand piano in the living room, with private bar and twin entertainment system, and to top things of a 22 carat gold chandelier hangs over the dining room table. The master bedroom in the suite, the Michael Jackson Bedroom is a mere 440 square metres in size, is no exception, with its his and hers bathrooms and round the clock butlers.

4) The Ty Warner Penthouse Suite at the Four Season in New York

Start spreading the news, there is no better way to see New York in style than in this suite at the world famous Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan. Nearly 250 metres above street level, this is as high as you can get on the island. At nearly 400 square metres, the Ty Warner suite is flanked by glass balconies that look out over Central Park and across the city skyline. It also boasts a Zen garden for when the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple gets a bit too much. The cathedral ceilings and ballroomesque chandeliers add to the sense of occasion befitting such an opulent and extravagant location. Fitted with platinum and gold woven textiles, it’s no wonder that this a favourite of the like of Jay-Z and Beyonce. State of the art technology is coupled with old world luxuries like Rolls Royce transport service and a round the clock butler. Guests can also take advantage of a private personal trainer and art concierge.

5) The Royal Suite at the Al Burj Arab in Dubai

If you have ever wondered what it must be like to live like a king, wonder no more. A stay in the Royal Suite in Dubai’s most famous landmark is one befitting of king, or to be more geographically accurate a Sultan. A feast for the eyes, the Royal Suite is adorned with rich plush fabrics, bright colours, gold leaf and gilt for as far as the eye can see with splashes of bright silk to top things off, and all this set against the backdrop of the bright blue sea in the background. It is quite literally out of this world. No expense has been spared, right down to the 24 carat gold ipods and Hermes toiletries available for guest use. A private shopper is on hand, along with shoe shiner and private chef. There is also separate staff accommodation. Whether you are a Sheik or a starlet, the Royal Suite is an oasis in the desert of Dubai that offers a level of luxury that can only be imagined in your wildest dreams.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of luxurious hotel rooms! Well, you might not be a king or a queen but be assured that, at The Bed King, you will be treated like one. Visit one of our stores today.

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