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Let Sleeping Kids Lie: Why Sleep is Essential your Kids

June 12, 2015

Let Sleeping Kids Lie: Why Sleep is Essential your Kids

Believe it or not, but there is actually a reason why it is so difficult to get your kids out of the bed in the morning. With Youth Day coming up, here at The Bed King we thought we would take a closer look at your children’s sleep needs and just why it is so important that you let them sleep in a little…

How Much Sleep do Kids Need?

Most adults get by on between 6 and 8 hours of sleep a night, but children need far more than that. Babies will of course need the most sleep at about 16-17 hours of sleep needed each day split evenly between day and night, while at about four years your kids will no longer need to sleep during that day and will get by on 12 hours of sleep a night. This is not to say that they (and you! will not benefit from a midday nap, but at this age they be able to stay awake for a whole day. From about the age of 14, your kids will be down to about 9 hours of sleep, an amount that they will continue to need until they reach their twenties.

Of course getting your kids to understand the importance of a healthy sleep cycle is no easy task - especially as the start to shift the rebellious semi-grown up stage. Good luck!

Dangers of Too Little Sleep:

Before we talk about the benefits of sleep for your kids, let’s first take a look at how a lack of sleep affects your kids. Sleep is not about restoring energy and revitalizing the body, it is also a major part of keeping them healthy and happy!

  • More and more studies are suggesting that children who do not get enough sleep are more likely to become overweight or obese. This is partly because if children do not have enough sleep they will need to get energy from somewhere else, and sweet, energy rich foods become an unhealthy alternative.
  • Young kids who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to be overactive as they subconsciously look for things to keep them stimulated and and awake throughout the day. This hyperactivity can be misdiagnosed as ADHD.
  • Other effects of poor sleep health in younger children include temper tantrums and sudden emotional outbursts as well as moodiness, irritability, inability to concentrate or focus.

For more information about Sleep Health and Teenagers, you can catch up on the Top 5 Consequences of Poor Sleep for Children, the Dangers of Cellphones on Your Kid’s Sleep Health or read our Guide to Bunk Beds for Kids.

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