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How to Make Early Mornings Bearable

August 03, 2015

How to Make Early Mornings Bearable

No matter where you are or who who are, one thing is certain: Winter mornings are a special kind of torment. You know the mornings I mean - the ones where if feels as though there is ice on your duvet, the frost giants are attacking or simply that you have been forced to join the Night’s Watch at the Wall in Game of Thrones. These are the types of mornings that even the most ardent runners can’t bring themselves to step foot outside, students invent the most creative excuses to avoid school and stay in bed all day, and of course the snooze button gets hit repeatedly. So how do you turn the tide on the cold and get up early?

Not simply! Transforming mornings into bearable things is not going to be easy, but there are a number of tricks that you can use to make them slightly easier:

  • Get to bed early. You are going to need between seven to eight hours of sleep a night. If you want to get up at six, that means that you need to be asleep at ten or eleven. Not always easy, especially if you have a heavy workload and kids, but if you don’t get enough sleep you will not only be unable to get up easily, but you will not be productive the next day.
  • Drink plenty the night before and by plenty I mean water. Drinking plenty of water the night before is not only a great way to wake up feeling more refreshed, but the pressure on your bladder can sometimes be that little extra you need to get out of bed. Swap the tablet for a book. Reading before you go to sleep is a great way to relax and unwind. But if you are reading on your tablet then you are going to be very tempted to quickly check social media before you go to sleep. Five minutes of social media quickly becomes an hour.
  • Exercise! Get more exercise. The healthier and fitter you are the better you will sleep and the quicker you will fall asleep. But avoid exercising too close to sleep time as this can reverse the benefits.
  • Be realistic. If you are used to waking up at eight and suddenly want to start getting up at 5:30 your body is going to go crazy. You are going to need to pace yourself and work at getting up 15 minutes earlier each day. It won’t be easy, but it will be easier than getting up cold turkey.
  • Move the alarm. Put the alarm somewhere far enough away that you need to get out of bed to turn it off. We all know how easy it is to simply hit the snooze and then roll over again. But hitting the snooze button can be one of the worst things that you can do when trying to get up. Be firm and get up on time. You should also try varying your alarm tones as this can help quite a bit. There are some cool apps for your phone that require you to prove that you are fully awake before they go off. Evil, but effective.
  • Eat healthy. Avoiding heavy meals before bedtime. Not only is this a healthier option, but if you slip into a food coma you aren’t going to get good quality sleep.
  • Get a morning ritual going. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee the first thing you do once you get up (Avoid it after lunch!). Forcing yourself to go running is also a great way to get out of bed, but it will require far more self control. Take a cold shower. Okay no one is going to do that, but consider swapping your shower gel for something with a peppermint or strong citrus scent. This can help you to wake up quicker. One day we will have coffee shower gel, but until then peppermint will have to do

It won’t be easy. But getting up earlier in the mornings will have benefits so be aware of them. Write them down and use them as motivation to keep going. Getting up early in the mornings will mean that you have a few extra hours each day, so make the most of them. Plan your mornings carefully to utilize this extra time. Schedule your most important meetings early or simply use it to do those things that you keep putting off or want to do for yourself.

Then again with such a super comfortable bed like the ones from Bed King, maybe a little lie in deserved, but try to keep it to the weekends.

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