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How Sleeping Too Little is Dangerous For Those Around You

March 17, 2020

 Can your lack of sleep impact those around you?

If you’re a member of Team ‘But First, Coffee’, you’ll know that things can get a little hairy around the office if you didn’t get a sufficient amount of rest the night before. Especially if you have chirpy morning-people colleagues who think it’s completely acceptable to strike up a full-blown conversation before 09:00 in the morning. Chuck a little sleep deprivation in the mix, and things can get borderline dangerous pretty fast. 

All kidding aside, a lack of sleep actually does have the potential to become physically dangerous in a work environment. Here’s why we say so. Studies have found that insufficient sleep can have a very real impact on our day-to-day functioning and cognitive performance. In fact, a very recent study conducted researchers from Michigan State University’s Sleep and Learning Lab in East Lansing had determined that sleep loss has an important effect not only on how well we can maintain our focus, but also on how well we can follow complex procedures.

The study took approximately 140 participants and split them into two groups - half were kept up throughout the night at the lab; half were sent home to sleep as usual. Before leaving, all of the participants completed two tasks, one of which measured reaction time, the second of which assessed their ability to follow particular steps in a complex process. The morning after, each participant had to complete the tasks again. The results were startling, to say the least.

According to one of the scientists who submitted their findings, Kimberly Fenn, their research indicated that sleep deprivation triples the number of lapses in attention and doubles the odds of making errors complex system-based tasks. 

As such, it stands to reason that sufficient sleep is very important for people who work in environments that require the correct and efficient completion of activities that require following multiple steps. This includes everything from doctors who have to perform complex medical procedures, to traffic wardens who need to direct traffic, forklift operators in major warehouses, stay-at-home moms who are driving, cooking and taking care of multiple children, and so much more. 

There you have it - a concise look at the reasons why your own lack of sleep could very well become dangerous for those around you. All the more reason to address any sleeplessness you may be experiencing; take care out there!

Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months for more interesting info on the science of sleep. In the meantime, we invite you to visit us in-store to find out more about our Comfort Solutions Lab® and the pressure-point technology that allows us to make custom mattress recommendations for every customer that uses it. 

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