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Great in Bed: Best SA Female Writers to Read Before Going to Sleep

August 11, 2015

Great in Bed: Best SA Female Writers to Read Before Going to Sleep

There is nothing better than reading a good book before going to sleep. Not only is reading a great way to relax the mind and help promote a great night’s sleep, but with such a plethora of amazing South African writers to choose from, there is always something exciting to read. So this woman’s day we take a quick look at some of the most talented and skilled South African female writers.

Nadine Gordimer

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991, Nadine was not only an amazing writer, but she also was a prominent figure in the anti-apartheid movement and helped with raising awareness for HIV/AIDS.

Suggested read? Occasion for Living (1963) and The Pickup (2002)

Bessie Head

While Bessie often thought to be from Botswana, she is actually South African. A frequent writer for Drum, she also wrote the several novels set in and around Southern Africa. Bessie has a keen eye for the ordinary individual.

Suggested read? Maru (1971)

Marita van der Vyver

Marita has written books for both children and adults, as well as countless magazines. Her works are sometimes shocking, sometimes hilarious, but always read again and again.

Suggested read? Griet Skryf 'n Sprokie (1992)

Kopano Matlwa

Being the youngest winner of the European Literary Award in South Africa, Kopano’s works often focus on young black identity in an increasingly western world. Writing two books before they are 20 is impressive for any author, but writing while also earning a medical degree is especially impressive!

Suggested read? Spilt Milk (2010)

Gcina Mhlope

Famous for bringing the love of reading to children, Gcina is an immensely talented writer and teller of tales. Her stories are often told in a mixture of languages, bringing her stories to a wider South African audience.

Suggested read? Queen of the Tortoises (1990)

Which other South African female writers do you love to read before sleep? Share your thoughts with us as we celebrate Woman’s Day!

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