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How To Get Your Kids to Bed on Christmas Eve

December 13, 2018

Easy ways to get your kids to sleep before Christmas

We were all kids once, so let’s be honest - we understand how difficult it can be to relax and fall asleep on Christmas Eve. There is just so much to look forward to the next day that it can be particularly hard to switch off and drift off to dreamland. Fortunately, parents around the globe have struggled with this phenomenon since time immemorial, so there are a few tried and tested tips you can try at home this year. This includes:

Scheduling Loads of Outdoor Fun

You’ve got to tire them out. In South Africa we are fortunate enough to enjoy sunny weather around Christmas, which means there is lots of scope for outdoor fun. Splash around in the pool, make your way to the beach, go on a hike or simply get involved in a game of cricket on the lawn. Whatever you do, get the kids out of the house and get them moving.

Switching Off Devices By 5PM

The blue-spectrum light emitted by devices like cell phones, tablets and televisions tell our brains to stay awake. Make a rule to turn off all devices by 5PM and play some soothing music and board games instead.

Feeding Them Early

Be sure to feed the masses at least three hours before bedtime. If your kids are supposed to go to bed by 20:00, that means you should be ready with their dinner by 17:00 so there is plenty of time to get them bathed, pyjama-ed and chilled out before it’s time for lights out.

Making Sure Their Beds Are Comfy

Children are far more likely to fall and remain asleep in their own beds if it conforms to their comfort requirements. When last did you check your child’s mattress? It might be time to invest in a sleeping surface that facilitates restorative rest for your youngsters.

Setting A Time for The Morning (And Sticking To It!)

Lay down the law. Set a time when gifts will be opened (e.g. 09:00) and stick to it. If you buckle by 07:30, those clever little minxes will remember next year and you won’t have a foot to stand on.

Following these guidelines are sure to make a big difference come Christmas Eve. For more advice on setting the scene for restful sleep for the whole family, keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months. Or better yet - visit us in store! Our knowledgeable sales representatives will be happy to help you find the ideal sleeping surface for every member of your family.

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