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10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Cool on Hot Summer Nights

February 16, 2017

How to keep the heat at bay on hot summer nights

There are several essential elements to getting a good night’s sleep and one of these is making sure that  where you sleep is the right temperature. Sleep scientists have carried out a multitude of studies which all conclude that the room should be cooler than your body’s core temperature.

As much as we all love summer, the wonderful long sunny days are often followed by hot, sweaty nights. For many this is a big problem. Hot summer nights are a huge source of insomnia and restlessness. Tossing and turning trying to get cool and comfortable, night sweats and the infernal buzzing of pesky mosquitos. Often these nights are enough to drive you crazy.

The heat raises your body temperature, sending your circadian body clock out of whack so you wake up feeling unrested, which can really take the shine out of that summer sun.

A lot of people’s solution to this heat is air-conditioning. There are several reasons why air-con is NOT the ultimate solution. Air conditioners are extremely environmentally unfriendly. But there are also other reasons not to use them:

  • Expensive to install

  • Expensive to run

  • Health issues

We have compiled a few eco-friendly ideas as alternatives to air conditioning so that you can keep cool on summer nights.

  • Airy Fairy - open your windows and your bedroom door to create a through draft. The natural flow of air is better than any air conditioner any night. Fresh air also helps you sleep better as your lungs get filled with fresh oxygen filled air. There is also nothing better than fresh air first thing as you wake up. It invigorates you and really gets the blood flowing.

  • Fan Fare - an electric fan is a great way to increase the airflow in your bedroom. As the cool fresh air comes in through the open windows the fan will circulate it and encourage more cool air to flow in. You can up it up a notch and put a bowl full of ice cubes infront of the fan and create your own air conditioner - the ice will cool the air that comes through the fan.

  • Beneath the Sheets - your linen and bedding have a very big influence on how you sleep. Pure cotton sheets and pillow cases are best for the hot summer nights. The natural fabric reduces sweating.

  • Sleep like an Egyptian - the Pharaoh's of way back when had to endure hellish heat in their desert pyramids so they quickly developed a way to keep cool at night. First of all they only slept under a top sheet. They also soaked the sheet in water, got their slaves to wring it out and lay it over them as they slept. In today’s world we have the technology to put the wet sheet into the washing machine on spin to wring it out. Alternatively, you can also put your bed sheet in a clean plastic bag and put it in the freezer for a bit before going to bed.

  • Bedding Down - so much research and development has gone into sleep technology so that we can get the best night’s sleep possible. Part of this research has been concentrated on bedding. Let’s start with pillows. You head and face emit a lot of heat as you sleep. Instead of sleeping on a big enveloping pillow why not consider a smaller firmer one where your head can rest ON the pillow and get as much air circulation as possible. When it comes to other bedding, always opt for natural fibres where possible. You can buy seasonal bedding too - lighter summer duvets are a must in a heatwave.

  • Separate but Together - sleeping next to your partner, while romantic and comforting, can really turn on the heat. So, why not invest in a set of twin beds so that in the summer months you can separate them and keep cool. In the winter you can push them together again, perfect for warm snuggling.

However you choose to keep the heat at bay, do it the eco-friendly way. There is no need for expensive, environmentally damaging machines. Implement these tips and you’re bound to keep cool as cucumber night after night.

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