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The Art of Sleep with Comfort Solutions’ Michelangelo

July 14, 2017

Comfort Solutions presents the Michelangelo Bed Set

The Comfort Solutions brand of beds has been developed around the idea that, like our fingerprints, our comfort requirements when it comes to beds are all unique. This range of beds was created to provide comfort solutions, as the name suggests. Each Comfort Solutions range has been built to a specific comfort level, ensuring that you get exactly the right bed for you. But there’s more to this range. Each bed is made to exacting standards, using the finest materials available. Comfort and quality are at the forefront of this brand.

The Michelangelo bed set falls into the Gentle Firm comfort level. Described as the best of both worlds, the Gentle Firm comfort level provides pressure relief and support thanks to the cloud-like upper section of the mattress and the firmer under-surface, respectively. On a Gentle Firm mattress, you get support, with comfort and just the right level of cushioning to provide relief to all your joints during the night. This comfort level is ideal for those who sleep on their backs or sides.

The Michelangelo is a true work of art. It is the perfect blend of unsurpassed comfort and unwavering support creates a sleep experience that dreams are made of.

  • The Silent Partner® Pocket Spring system not only guarantees no motion transfer between you and your partner which allows for a night of undisturbed, uninterrupted sleep, it also molds to the unique contours of your body ensuring total support and the correct spinal alignment.
  • The double stitched pillow top provides an added level of luxury that not only adds to the comfort of your mattress but also increases its lifespan while keeping all the layers of this luxury mattress in place. The use of the double stitching also means that there are no toxic glues used.
  • Pressure relief from the memory foam layer means that dream-like sleep is assured, while iGel within the foam regulates the temperature and improves circulation.

A night spent on a Michelangelo mattress really is the stuff that dreams are made of, night after night. If you are looking to improve not only your quality of sleep but also your quality of life contact your nearest Bed King store.

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