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Ten creative budget tips for student digs

February 03, 2017

10 ways to create a homely student digs on a budget

This month most students start their studies, and for many this means moving away from home. Whether you are a first timer or are returning for another year of academic enlightenment the idea of leaving the creature comforts of home can be daunting to say the least. But being a student, living on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the luxuries of home.

Living in a digs does NOT mean you have to live in a dump. With a little bit of creativity and some clever shopping around you can create a haven, not a hovel.

Here are ten tips to help you create a home away from home that won’t leave you bankrupt.

  1. Your bed is going to be THE most important thing after your studies. We all know a good night’s sleep sets you up for a great day, so you are going to need a good quality comfortable bed. You don’t need to take out student loan for this either. Whether you are looking for a single, double or queen there are some great deals. Visit one of our showrooms to find the comfort level that suits you.

  2. Once you’ve bought your bed you need to think about it’s longevity. The better looked after it is the longer it will last, and as a student you don’t want to have to fork out for a new mattress ANY time soon. One of the best ways to ensure the maximum lifespan of your mattress it with a  mattress cover. Even if you already have a bed, this is a small investment that will make a BIG difference in the long run.

  3. When it comes to bedding, now that you are living as an independent adult and are paying your own way you need to be budget savvy. So why not invest in an all season duvet. They are designed specifically for the South African climate so will keep you warm in winter and won’t make you boil in the warmer summer months.

  4. Part of getting a great night’s sleep so that you are on top of your game for early morning lectures means sleeping on the right pillow. It is important to a choose good quality pillow that will support your head and neck as you sleep. There are some great deals to choose from.

  5. Just because you’re a student doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. Once you’ve got your bed and bedding sorted, why not consider a funky headboard. Not only are headboards practical but they also add an extra dimension to any bedroom.

  6. There are other ways to add personality to your bedroom too that won’t cost a fortune. A set of stylish bed linen does a lot to add to the decor of your room.

  7. Student digs are often places for friends to hang out, but space is limited for those who don’t live there. A great way to accommodate your mates is by investing in a sofa bed. This is a great budget saver as it has a dual function - sofa by day, bed by night. With so many different designs to choose from  you are bound to find something that fits in with your digs decor.

  8. You want a bed in your room, but you also want somewhere to chill. But the space is tight. Why not choose a futon sleeper couch? Trendy, stylish and very affordable, futons are incredibly comfortable and versatile.

  9. Now you’ve got the basics covered, you want to add a few extra touches. Scatter cushions go a long way to making a big impact, and are very affordable.

  10. A pop of colour always brightens up any room, so why not have a paint party and splash some colour round the digs. If you are on a very tight budget you can always just pic one wall and make it a feature in the room, saving you money and a lot of extra work.

Living in a digs gives you the chance to express yourself, create your own look and feel and explore your creativity. With these top tips you can do just that without having to live on a diet of two-minute noodles for the rest of the month. Visit Bed King for our super student specials.


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