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How to Prepare Your Bedroom for Winter

May 08, 2017

10 Ways to warm up your bedroom for winter

Winter is well and truly on its way! The days are getting shorter, it’s darker in the early mornings and the temperature is dropping. It’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, and in the evenings the snug call of bed beckons. This is our ingrained pattern of hibernation.

But, because of the way we have evolved and because of the constraints of modern life we don’t hibernate the way other animals do,  but we are still mammals which means that we feel the cold, but more than this, we do have a deep instinctual need to cuddle up and nest for the winter. While it is not possible to batton down the hatches for the entirety of the colder months, we can definitely create a space that is cosy and inviting. With these ten winter warmers, you can make your bedroom a haven of hibernating heaven, without having to break the budget.

  1. Something as simple as a change of bedding makes a HUGE difference. If you have a light summer duvet, it’s time to put it away and swap it for a warmer winter one. Also, buy a warm blanket. Not only will you be protected against the cold night air, but it’s also a really good way to spruce up your bedroom decor without bringing an interior decorator in. But there's more you can do. Being cold in bed is not only very unpleasant it also hampers your quality of sleep. Winter sheets are also a warming wonder. Swap your cotton for flannel sheets and feel as snug as a bug in a rug. The only problem you might have is getting out of bed at all!
  2. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you’ve layered up your bed, that icy bite in the air still gets through. The best way to beat this is with an electric blanket. There is nothing better than getting into a bed with warm fluffy sheets. And what better way to keep the cold at bay.
  3. A hot water bottle is an invaluable heat source. If you are not keen on an electric blanket this is an excellent alternative, especially for keeping the feet warm. The great thing about a hot water bottle is that you can take it anywhere with you. So, if you are planning a weekend away don’t forget to pack yours.
  4. To really fight the cold you will need a heater. Your entire room will be warmed, and you will be nice and toasty. There are several heating options - wall heaters, fan heaters, gas heaters. But remember to turn it off at night so you don’t roast in the heat.
  5. Most houses are poorly insulated, allowing draughts to get in where they can. What was a cool summer breeze has now turned into an icy wind, so the soft sheer flowing curtains won’t do. Something as simple as thicker curtains that cover the windows entirely can make the difference of several degrees.
  6. And while you are keeping unwanted cold air out and trying to keep the warm air in, draught excluders at your doors that lead outside are very effective at keeping Jack Frost from your door.
  7. Do you dread stepping out of bed in the mornings for fear of your toes freezing off on the cold floors? If you don’t have a carpeted bedroom, a rug will solve this problem.
  8. The illusion of warmth can also go a long way to keeping the cold away. Simple things like clean windows allow natural light in instantly warming up the room. Also make sure that all the light bulbs are a warm white, not cool white as this can give a very cold and sterile feeling.
  9. Our sense of smell is our strongest sense, so if you are trying to create a sense of snugness and cosiness play on this. Warm spicy smells such as cinnamon heat up a room instantly. So, buy yourself an oil burner, scented candle or a room spray and create a winter wonderland in your bedroom.
  10. Slippers and a dressing gown are the ultimate winter accessories. Warm and wooly, both are essential. Keep them close by so that when you get out of bed you can wrap up against the cold and stop your toes from getting the chills.

By the time winter has really set in, you want to have created a warm and cosy space where you can take refuge from the cold. By implementing these ten tips you won’t have to worry about the weather outside because you’ll be so toasty in your bed.

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