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Would You Sleep in 'Modern Twin Beds' With Your Partner?

May 04, 2021 General
 Twin Beds Used To Be A Thing for Married Couples!  Twin Beds Used To Be A Thing for Married Couples!

While it’s easy to assume that married and committed couples have been sharing double beds forever, this is actually not quite the case. In fact, ‘modern twin beds’ were very much on-trend and 100% a thing up until the 1950s. We kid you not. Before the 50s rolled around, two single beds in the martial bedroom was not a strange sight at all. 

So, what’s the deal? Well, Lancaster University professor Hilary Hinds, who has published a book called A Cultural History of Twin Beds, did not actually set out to write about the single bed trend of the 1800s. In fact, her original aim was to write about interwar fiction written by women. While she was researching this theme, she came across a bunch of references to separate beds for married couples. 

At the start, she thought that this meant (as we would imagine it to today) that the characters in the books had marital issues or some sort of distance in their relationship. That was until she came upon the term 'modern twin beds' in a novel from the 1920s. That is when she realised that the idea was actually seen as refreshing and forward-thinking at one point in time, rather than being stodgy or old-timey. 

When she started reading up some more, it became clear that there was a movement in the 1800s that positioned twin beds as a 'healthier, more hygienic option. In fact, William Whitty Hall (a doctor, minister and health campaigner of that era), was very serious about 'habitual bedsharing' being a very bad idea. 

He stated that couples who did not have their own beds in a clean, open room would be likely to 'fail in health and strength of limb and brain, and will die while yet their days are not all told'.

Heavy days, right? It seems that the thinking of the time was that nighttime bed-sharing would lead to one person breathing the other person's germs, or in certain less scientific cases, 'the stronger sleeper robbing the vitality of the weaker'. Have you ever?

As all things tend to do, the modern twin bed trend took a turn in the 1950s, when marriage counsellors started to advocate for shared beds to increase the bond between partners. By this time, we believe, they were less stressed about the whole vitality-robbing thing. 

In short - whether you choose to share a bed with your partner, or feel more comfortable having your own space at night should be up to you. Trends come and go, and in the end, it’s all about getting enough quality shuteye so you can enjoy your waking hours together. 

Now you know! The history of beds and bedding can actually be quite fascinating when it wants to be. Check back soon for more tales from beyond the bedstead. In the meantime, remember to book your slot at the Comfort Solutions Lab® at your closest Bed King so we can help you to find the bed that will pave the way to peaceful sleep for you and your partner. 

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