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Top Tips for Enjoying Optimal Beauty Sleep

September 29, 2020

 Wake Up Refreshed with Beauty Rest Tips

Beauty sleep is not just something our mothers use to entice us to go to bed in our teens - the effects of sleep deprivation on facial appearance has been researched and proven by academics at the Sleep Research Society. In short - if you sleep well, you look dewy-fresh and rested, if you try to cheat your body out of its nightly dues, you will carry the effects thereof on your face in the form of hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, pale skin, wrinkles, fine lines and droopy mouth corners. 

If you want to up the ante of the positive effects of a good night’s rest, there are a few steps you can take before getting under the covers. This includes: 

Investing in a Good Pillowcase

Sleeping on a pillowcase with a high thread count reduces the friction between the fabric and skin. This is why many people also choose to sleep on silk pillowcases. A smoother surface also helps to reduce the likelihood of wrinkles and split ends developing over time. 

Hydrating Well & Avoiding Alcohol Before Bed

Avoid alcohol and caffeine at least two hours before bedtime. Instead, drink some water or herbal tea. Alcohol causes your body to retain water, which leads to a puffy appearance upon waking, which is obviously not ideal. 

Always Cleaning Your Face Thoroughly

Ladies, make a point of always removing your makeup before you go to sleep. Sleeping with foundation and other types of makeup on your face leads to clogged pores and general skin irritation. 

Adding Some Extra Moisture

Adding a concentrated skin cream of serum to the mix will help your skin to absorb moisture while you sleep, plumping out the cells and leading to a more youthful appearance overall. 

Getting At Least 8 Hours

In the end, you can try all the tricks and tips in the book, but if you don’t get at least 8 hours of healthy, natural rest per night, your body will feel it, your system will be out of whack and it will be all too apparent on your face. If you struggle to go to bed at the right time, try using the ‘bedtime’ feature on your smartphone to remind you to start your winding-down ritual at the right time each night. 

Following these guidelines when you hit the hay will pave the way for a more rested appearance when you emerge in the morning. Check back soon for insider info on making the most of your nightly zzz’s. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to a member of the Bed King team if you would like to learn more about our unbeatable offers on everything from sleeper couches, headboards and rugs, to adjustable beds, storage beds, and more. 

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