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How to Rest Properly Over the Holidays

January 14, 2020

 Get proper rest over the holidays with these top tips

The lights are up, the trees are decorated and all around the globe families are gathering for the festive holidays. If, like most of us, you’ve had a pretty long year, you may be looking forward to a well-deserved period of rest and recuperation before you tackle 2020 like you mean it. However, it can sometimes be harder than it seems to rest properly over the holidays for a number of reasons. 

Here are a few top tips to pave the way for restorative rest over the summer holidays in sunny South Africa: 

Power Down!

Exposure to the blue-spectrum light emitted by devices like cell phones, TVs, computers and tablets confuses our bodies’ natural circadian rhythm. Take the opportunity over the holidays to power down as much as possible. Read a real book, play some sudoku or whip out board games for evening entertainment instead. 

Don’t Eat Too Much Just Before Bedtime

This can be a lot easier said than done in South African culture, we know! Over the holidays, it seems there is a near-constant lineup of braai meat, sweet treats and yummy snacks on offer. However, if you want to sleep well, try to steer clear of heavy food at least an hour or two before you hit the hay. 

Embrace Mozzie Spray!

Camping or sleeping with the windows open somewhere fabulous this summer? Pack sufficient mozzie spray (or opt for the plug-in repellent) to ensure that these irritating night-time visitors don’t keep you up needlessly. 

Keep Your Sleeping Space Cool & Dark

Summertime in South Africa can be very hot in certain parts of the country. Try to keep your sleeping space as cool and dark as possible to ensure that you’ll sleep well. It also helps to opt for light-weight sleepwear and bedding that won’t keep you warmer than necessary. 

Keep Moving (At Least a Bit) 

It can be tempting to spend the holidays completely idle, but if you have trouble sleeping it actually helps to get a little exercise over the course of the day. Do a few laps in the pool, walk along the beach, take the dog for a frisbee session - whatever you do, just move that vacationing bod of yours a little. 

So, there you have it - a few top tips that will pave the way for sufficient rest over the summer holidays. We hope you enjoy a wonderful festive break! Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months for more interesting info on the science of sleep. In the meantime, we invite you to visit us in-store to find out more about our Comfort Solutions Lab® and the pressure-point technology that allows us to make custom mattress recommendations for every customer that uses it. 


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