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How To Make Shared Bedrooms Work for Siblings (The Cool Way!)

September 14, 2021 General
Make Room-Sharing A Cinch With These Expert Tips Make Room-Sharing A Cinch With These Expert Tips

Moving siblings into a single bedroom to open up some space in the house often makes a lot of sense. In fact, some kiddos actually prefer to sleep in the same room with their brother or sister because it’s nice to have someone else nearby at night. Whatever the case may be, shared kids’ rooms have been a thing since forever because it works. 

However, to pave the way for a smooth transition, there are few things parents and/or caregivers should bear in mind - especially when it comes to how the space is used (and decorated!). Here are a few insider tips from the Bed King crew: 

Free Up As Much Floor Space as Possible

Kids rooms are meant to be played in. As such, your first move should be to ensure that you keep as much floor space clear as possible. If your children are old enough to climb a ladder, bunk beds are a fun way to go. Otherwise, storage beds are also a nifty idea. 

Consult With Your ‘Clients’

Your kids are going to have to like the room if they are going to lean into the whole sharing-with-the-sib idea. So, consult with them on what they’d like the room to look and be like. Naturally, you won’t be able to put in a mote or race car track, but there are ways to help them put their stamp on it. For instance, take them along when you buy their kids’ beds. 

Create Pockets of Privacy

Even in a very small space, it’s possible to create pockets of privacy so sharing siblings can feel like they have some space to themselves. For instance, a room divider or bookshelf (well-secured and mounted!) can be used to divide a room into equal halves. Or you can use something fun like bed canopies, a hanging bead curtain or even a curtain rail system against the roof. 

Allow for Individual Expression in Certain Spaces

Ideally, every kid should have a space in which they can express their individuality. Whether this is a framed cork board where they can put up their art or a special shelf where they can display their trinkets, it’s important to allow them to show off who they are. 

Following these guidelines will allow you to make the transition into a single bedroom a whole lot easier for everyone involved. Check back soon for more insider insights from the Bed King team. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram profile to stay up to date with great deals, special offers and more!

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