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7 Point Guide to Sleeping Cool this Summer

September 29, 2015

7 Point Guide to Sleeping Cool this Summer

In most parts of South Africa summer is well on its way, which means that higher temperatures can influence the quality of your sleep. But all is not lost, because we here at Bed King have provided you with some of the best tips to banish sweaty sleepless nights in our “7 Point Guide to Sleeping Cool this Summer”...

1. Keep Air Flowing

Banish the balmy nights by creating a cross-breeze over your bed. You can do this by facing a fan towards an open window with your bed situated in-between. You can cool the room down even further by placing a damp sheet over the open window.

2. Upgrade Your Sheets

Better quality bed sheets such as those that can be purchased at any of our Bed King stores in the Western Cape and Gauteng will allow your bed to “breath”. So purchase only light-coloured lightweight linen sheets and bed covers to ensure that your bed is well ventilated in summer.

3. Keep a Cool Head

Simply swap your large fluffy winter pillow for a smaller firmer one in summer. This will allow your pillow to get rid of excess heat while you are sleeping. You can also go to bed with damp hair (if you don’t mind the extra moisture), or freeze a damp facecloth and place it on your forehead as you fall asleep.

5. Freeze a Hot Water Bottle

All you need to do here is fill a hot water bottle with tap water and place it in the freezer. This will help create the perfect bed friendly icepack.

6. Upgrade Your Mattress

The better the quality of your mattress the more heat regulating features it will contain. This ability to “breath” will allow your mattress to get rid of excess heat a lot easier. Take a look at our range of quality Bed King Mattresses to find out more.

7. Ice Your Fan

Place a bowl filled with ice cubes in front of your table fan. As the ice melts the fan will help disperse a cool breeze around the bedroom.

Got any heat beating summer sleeping tips of your own? Then comment and let us know and we’ll be sure to add it to this list of Tips to Sleeping Cool this Summer.

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