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These 5 Houseplants Improve Sleeping Conditions

July 23, 2019

Add these houseplants to your room for better ZZZs

Don’t you just love a houseplant? A little splash of living green brings such a spark of vibrancy to a room! Indoor plants are currently having a bit of a moment on the decor scene - page through any interior magazine and you’ll see it festooned in wall sconces, making up part of entire living walls (how amazing!) and basking in spaces of honour on everything from polished dining tables to marble fireplaces. 

Happily, indoor plants aren’t just pretty to look at - it’s actually good for your health to keep a few living, breathing green things around! Filling your home with plants is a very cost-effective way to dial up the serenity quotient, and it also happens to clean out the air. Certain plants even emit soothing scents, which is great if you're struggling to sleep. 

Here are 5 houseplants to add to your room if you want to improve your sleeping conditions: 

The Darling of the Karoo: Aloe Vera

 This water-wise succulent is exceptionally adept at purifying the air - it absorbs everything from paint odours to the airborne residue left behind by chemical cleaning agents. 

Cascading Beauty: English Ivy

How pretty is this plant? It adores sunny nooks and dry soil, which makes it great for north-facing South African bedrooms. Plus it absorbs mould spores like nobody's business, according to a recent allergy study.

Skoonma Se Tong: Snake Plant

The tongue-in-the-cheek Afrikaans name for this plant references its sharp leaves, which are nearly as sharp as a mother-in-law’s tongue! Snake plants are very good at removing C02, xylene, toluene, and trichloroethylene from the air, so it actually improves the air quality in your bedroom while you sleep!

Elegance Made Manifest: Rubber Plant

Oh, the elegant rubber plant - it’s just utterly gorgeous! It's very easy to keep alive (which is a big win if you're not exactly known for your green fingers), and its large leaves absorb lots of material from the air to convert to nutrients. This makes it an air-purifying workhorse. 

Everyone's Indoor Favourite: Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you’ve ever considered purchasing an indoor plant, chances are you’ve considered a fiddle leaf fig - it’s everyone’s favourite! It loves living in enclosed spaces, which means it’s easy to care for, and it actually curbs humidity in the home. 

These are just five of the species of houseplant that have a beneficial impact on your home environment - there are plenty more besides. Have a chat with your friendly nursery purveyor to learn more! In the meantime, keep an eye on the blog for a more interesting insight into lifestyle habits that can improve your sleep and more! Also, feel free to reach out to a Bed King representative (or visit us in store!) if you would like to learn more about our range of comfort-graded mattresses and which one is best suited to your sleep-time requirements.

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