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3 Ways Adequate Sleep Improves Productivity at Work

September 17, 2019

 Well-rested employees are good for business - here’s why

First to arrive, last to leave - always burning the midnight oil, never too busy to squeeze in some overtime - sounds like the perfect employee, right? Nope, not so much. While a culture of overwork may still be rife in most industries, forward-thinking companies are actually encouraging their employees to sustain a healthy work-life balance these days. This includes getting adequate rest and finding ways to lighten their workload so they can engage in activities they enjoy outside of the workplace. 

Sounds a little strange right? Surely a business would prefer if their employees were working every waking second to propel the success of the enterprise? Well, if you take a look at recent studies, it’s simple to see that well-rested employees actually do a better job than those who are run ragged, fueled by caffeine and unlikely to see daylight. 

Here are three important ways in which adequate sleep improves productivity at work: 

You’re Far Less Likely To Get Sick

Your immune system suffers when you are not sleeping enough. When your body is unable to protect itself, every circulating germ and virus becomes an issue - you will pick up the flu and whatever else is going around. While you can, of course, stick it out and pitch up to the office regardless, your productivity definitely suffers when you’re elbow-deep in tissues and saline spray. When you get enough rest, on the other hand, your immune system can do its thing and keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all year round. 

Memory & Cognitive Ability Are Improved

Your brain does not function optimally when you’re skimping on sleep, it’s as simple as that. When you do get enough sleep, however, you can look forward to everything from faster reaction times, improved decision-making skills and memory, to smoother creativity flow, fewer errors, better accuracy and a lowered risk of burnout. 

Overall Employee Safety Is Improved

There is a strong link between employee sleeplessness and industrial accidents. If you work in an industry that requires the operation of heavy machinery, it becomes all the more important to prioritise sleep to be at the top of your game. In fact, studies have found that sleep deprivation is similar to being under the influence of alcohol

There you have it - three important ways in which sufficient nighttime rest will boost your daytime productivity. Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months as we share more inside info on the importance of sleep and how you can ensure that you get optimal ZZZs at night. Speaking of which, when last did you consider investing in a sleeping surface that has been tailored with your unique comfort requirements in mind? Come visit us in store! Our exciting new Comfort Solutions Lab® measures your body's pressure points so we help you to narrow down your mattress options and point you in the direction of the unit that will have you snoozing in ultimate comfort. 


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