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3 Curious Sleep Habits from Around the World

April 28, 2021 Sleep
 Quirky sleep habits from cultures around the globe  Quirky sleep habits from cultures around the globe

It can be so easy to assume that everyone does the way we do it, can’t it? Living in South Africa, you might be tempted to assume that pretty much everyone calls a traffic light a robot, thinks rusks are an acceptable food and don’t call the cops on any person who blows a vuvuzela. However, these are little quirks that make us look uniquely strange to the world at large. 

However, we aren’t always the oddest of the bunch - not by a long shot. To prove this point, we’ve rustled up three curious sleeping habits from around the world that show that we sometimes do stay in our lane here at the southern point of Africa. Here you go!

Packing Up the Bedroom Every Night

In most homes, the bedroom is a fairly static space. It has the bed, the closet, perhaps a side table, dressing table and a chair or two. Most of the time spent there is spent resting. However, this is not the case in countries like Afghanistan. 

Here, space is limited, so most families tend to use the rooms they have for multiple purposes. As such, they roll up their mattresses in the morning and stow them away so the space can be used for something else. Granted, this idea might actually be a great solution for crowded digs and other student-type spaces, don’t you think? 

Leaving Little Ones Out In the Cold

Okay, before you get all freaked out, remember that the people in the Scandinavian region have a much higher tolerance of the cold than we do. We’ve become pretty soft here in the warm south. 

So, don't be too worried if you visit a country like Norway or Denmark and find a few babies asleep outside in the cold outside their homes or restaurants while their parents grab a coffee. This is a common practice that is said to improve babies' health, happiness and energy levels. 

Having a Nap in Public

So, you may have dozed off in class a few times, but would you ever take a nap in public on purpose? The Japanese do this all the time. In fact, it is seen as a sign of a hard worker - if someone uses the time during their commute to get some shuteye, surely they are working as hard as they possibly can? 

There you have it - three curious sleep habits from around the world. Upon closer inspection, all three of these actually make a lot of sense to a certain extent. Perhaps it’s something you would like to try sometime? 

Check back soon for more insider insights on the world of sleep. In the meantime, if you’d like an expert opinion on the type of mattress that will do your sleep habits a world of good, why don’t you book a slot to try out the Comfort Solutions Lab® at your closest Bed King store? We guarantee it will blow your mind. 


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