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Best Bunk Beds for Kids

All around the world kids and adults love bunk beds. Kids love them because there is something fun and comforting about sleeping in one, and adults love them for their space saving ability and versatility.

Not only are bunk beds more fun to sleep on, but kids quickly transform them into hideouts and castles with blankets and bedding and are always popular with sleep overs.

Would Should get a Bunk Bed?

Bunk beds are ideal for:
  • Small children
    • When children are young, sharing a room with a sibling is often far more fun and comforting than sleeping alone. It also gives them a wonderful opportunity to play together and have fun as they build pillow forts and blanket tents on their bunk beds. For older children the additional space for desks or play areas in the room is always a big plus!
  • Small rooms
    • Because bunk beds halve the space that is needed in a kid's room, it allows more space for your kids toys and play area or desk, making them ideal for young families! Some bunk beds such as the Tommy Double Bunk Bed can be separated into two single beds should your children grow older or you move house.
  • Holiday Houses
    • Over the holidays you might have a lot of friends and family visiting you at your holiday house and sleeping space comes at a premium! Bunk beds solve this problem by doubling up on beds.

Different Types of Bunk Bed

At The Bed King you are spoilt for choice when it comes to bunk beds! We have the a wide variety of styles of types for you to choose from.

Our favorite recommendations are:

  • Single bed over a single bed:

    The Tommy Double Bunk is made from solid wood and can separte into two single beds. THis makes it perfect for your kids as they grow up and start wanting their own space.

    Tommy Double Bunk

    Tommy L-Shape Double Bunk Bed can be assembled in either the standard design or in an L-shaped design, making it perfect for corners. It also has a built in bookcase. Like the standard Tommy Double Bunk, the L-shape can be separated into two standard beds as the kids grow older.

    Tommy L-Shape Double Bunk Bed

    The Charlene Double Bunk Bed is one of the studiest bunk beds in South Africa. It features thicker wooden posts and is perfect for rowdy boys! It also can be accessorized with matching storage boxes underneath the bed to store spare bedding or the kids' toys.

    Charlene Double Bunk Bed

  • Single over Double

    The Piper Triple features a study metal frame that supports a single bed over a double bed. This bed is the perfect space saving solution with sleeping space for three. Idea for two or three young children to share or for your holiday house.

    Tri Bunk Bed

    The Tri Bunk Bed also features a single bed over a double bed, but can be accessorized with matching storage boxes underneath for kids' toys or blankets. It is made from solid Radiata wood for extra strength and durability.

    Tri Bunk Bed

  • Single over a Futon

    The HLC Triple Bunk Bed's unique design has a single bed over a futon that can be transformed into a couch when not in use, making it the ultimate in space spacing. This is bed is perfect for older children or for frequent sleepovers.

    HLC Triple Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Safety

One of the most important things to remember when buying a bunk bed is safety! It is recommended that only children over the age of six are allowed to sleep on the top. We recommend using your own judgement regarding your children's age when it comes to getting them a bunk bed. If you are buying a bunk bed for young children make sure that the bed has a safety rail and we also suggest putting your bunk bed against the wall and in a corner to lessen any chance of a child falling off the bed.

Spoil your kids with a new bunk bed here!

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