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South African Wall Beds from the Bed King

Your interest in our range of Wall Beds is appreciated! A new range will be available on our site shortly, so please visit us again soon. In the meantime, please feel free to browse through our wide range of mattresses and beds and get in touch if you have any queries.

Wallbeds, also known as Murphy Beds, are great sleep solutions to use when sleeping space is limited. The Bed King brings you unique, tailor-made and innovative sleeping solutions that are designed to enhance your sleeping and living space.

Wall Beds Will Transform Your Bedroom

Your wall bed will easily transform a child’s bedroom into a playroom, a study into a bedroom or double the size of your bedroom area. The benefits of these revolutionary wall beds are numerous:

  • Instantaneously turn your living space into a guest bedroom
  • Innovative and modern space saving solution
  • When the bed is folded up into the system, the unit will only take a third of its extended length
  • The modern design of the wall bed ensures comfortable, healthy and luxurious sleep


How Wall Beds Work:

A wall bed can quickly and easily be installed into any room or space that would fit a normal bed. When the wall bed is not in use, the slatted base and mattress can be neatly folded up into the compartment at the head of the bed. Modern wall beds are available in all sizes, ranging from single, three quarter, double, queen and even king! The compartment into which the bed is folded is only 60cm wide and 220cm high, making it perfect in almost any room. Our wall beds use a modular system with desks, bedside tables and wardrobes as optional extras to help you get the most out of any room.

Wall Bed Guarantee

We offer a one year guarantee on the moving parts of all our of wall beds.

Murphy Beds in the USA

The ‘Murphy Bed’ was originally designed by William Lawrence Murphy in 1900. While other folding beds existed at the time, Murphy was the first to use a pivot and counterbalanced design in his wall beds. While the majority of Murphy beds being used nowadays fold up lengthways, Murphy originally designed wall beds that also folded away by flipping up from the side. In many countries the terms ‘wall beds’ and ‘Murphy Beds’ are used interchangeably for a wide range of folding or put away beds.

Save Space

Take advantage of our wall bed’s amazing space saving ability and get the most out of your house.

Warranty and Important Information

All moving parts come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Any moving part that is defective or becomes defective must be sent back to the factory, parts found to be defective due to manufacturing fault will be replaced free of charge. Our warranty covers replacement of materials only; no other claims, direct or indirect, will be covered.

Important notes: 

  • All skirtings should be removed before installing the units. In the case of tiled skirtings, the Wall Bed unit can be cut to suit. 
  • All Wall Bed units must be securely fixed to a solid wall before trying to open the bed.
  • Do not install the Wall Bed against a dry/hollow wall
  • Always use the correct mattress size for the correct size Wall Bed. For example: a single mattress for a single Wall Bed, a double mattress for a double Wall Bed and so on.
  • The thickness of the mattress must be no less than 150mm thick. The type of mattress does not affect the Wall Bed. 
  • Ideal thickness of mattress with a Headboard Shelf: 150mm - 250mm.
  • Ideal thickness of mattress without a Headboard Shelf: 150mm - 350mm
  • When opening the Wall Bed unit, please make sure the support leg opens correctly before laying it down. Do not allow the bed to drop into the open position. The bed must be guided until it is fully open.
  • Hi Team Fourways, Thank you for arranging the replacement head board for the wall bed. Once again thank you for advising us the correct product and colour. The wall bed was well received by all who slept on it over this festive season. Thanks Andre Dewas
  • The service was perfect.  Very friendly service with a smile.  Mrs.Lippert 03/06/2014
  • Very, very happy with the bed and the service we had from Bed King was exceptional. The two men that delivered were very helpful. Please thank them again Have a lovely weekend Tanya Kerrigan Sunset Beach Nov 2013
  • “I would like to thank you very much for the great service you have given me. I am really pleased with the bed!Keep up the good work!” – Bukelwa  ... show more
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