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Our Ultimate Collection of Single Beds in South Africa

The humble single bed is actually a thing of beauty - when you choose the right unit you can create a completely new ambience in your home. Not to mention the fact that it’s a space-saving marvel of course. Browse our selection to find the best of the best.

Yes, You’ll Find the Perfect Single Bed Right Here

There are plenty of places you can buy a single bed in South Africa, so why should you choose to buy from us? It’s simple really - when you buy single beds from us you can rest assured you are getting some serious bang for your buck. Go on, take a look, we guarantee you’ll find a fantastic-looking single bed that’s right in your price range. Stay updated on our single bed specials by signing up to receive our newsletter.

Get Expert Advice Whenever You Need It

Have you ever met a bed geek? Someone who lives and breathes beds, mattresses and bedding? It’s a very special kind of person, but we have done our best to suss them out and rope them into our team. So, whenever you need a question answered about our single beds (or any of our beds for that matter), please get in touch because we’d really (truly) love to help you.

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