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Bed Comparisons Made Easy

Compare beds with our easy to-go-to list, created to help make your decision of what bed to buy as simple as clicking a button. Buying a new bed can be daunting, especially when faced with a large number of bed comparisons and bed ranges. Get a feel of what you are looking for by browsing through the table below, which highlights the various home-choice bed options available, before linking your way through to all the extra information you may want to know about the all important choice you are about to make.

Bed Comparisons

Type Image Description Link
Bed Sets Offering tons of varying bed set ranges of all sizes and for all ages, we have a set to suit your budget and your comfort needs no matter what you are looking for. View
Memory foam beds Pressure relieving memory foam beds incorporate technology to effortlessly mould to the contours of your body, ensuring utmost comfort and support with minimum disturbance from your partner while you sleep. View
Latex beds Built from nature's properties, latex beds are both hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These mattresses are extremely durable and long lasting with user-instant bounce back, providing pressure release and reducing stress. Also available in synthetic latex with the resilience of natural latex. View
Adjustable beds This mattress frame can be perfectly adjusted to fit your body's contours. The design moves to fit your head shoulders and back, supporting the natural curvature of your spine and reducing uncomfortable sleeping positions. The electrical adjustable base offers multiple sleep positions including zero gravity which eliminates pressure on the lower back. View
Guest beds Choosing a guest bed is completely dependent on two things: size and type. We have a large range of all sizes and bed types to best suit your guest and space requirements. View
Storage beds Complete with headboards, our storage beds are perfect for rooms that are small or where additional storage space is needed, such as a kid's bedroom or small living space. View
Bunk beds With a selection of 5 different styles to choose from, bunk beds still remain a firm favourite throughout SA. They are fun to use and also have a unique space saving element. View
Wall beds Wall beds are an extraordinary way to save space. Once folded, these tailor-made beds save two thirds of the space taken up by a normal bed, transforming your space from bedtime to living area. View
Wooden bed frames Ranging from simple to ornate styles, The Bed King's extensive selection of wooden bed frames offer a wide choice made from only the finest wood for any style and taste. View
Upholstered bed frames Built to suit any style, upholstered beds add an instant touch of class and warmth to any room. Providing a softer headboard, these beds also aid in quality sleep. View

Mattress comparisons to help you decide

There are so many varying technological processes that go into creating a mattress to give you the ultimate sleeping solution. With our mattress comparisons table you are now able to browse through the various spring and compare mattress options to see how each one would work to suit your sleeping needs. Our options range from affordable open spring mattresses to luxury memory and latex foam ranges. Each has varying levels of durability and firmness to help even the most restless sleeper find the mattress that puts you on the express train to cloud nine.

Type Image Description Link
Pocket Spring Pocket spring mattresses have springs encased in their own material pocket. This provides superior support as the vertical springs mould to the contours of your back. Even weight distribution helps prevent roll-together. View
Open spring Offering fantastic value for money, open spring mattresses are made up of hour-glass shaped coils. These mattresses have a variety of tensions, giving each mattress option a different feel. View
Continuous coil spring Providing a single, interlinked coil system, continuous coil springs hold their shape for longer. The weight is spread across the mattress, resulting in a stronger and more supportive sleeping option. View
Memory foam Memory foam is used to hug the contours of your body while you sleep, providing both pressure relief and ultimate comfort. This mattress reduces tossing and turning, aiding spinal alignment. View
Latex foam Latex mattresses are formed by creating a network of tiny interconnected bubbles. This gives the mattress instant bounce back and spring while aiding in health and stress relief. View
Foam core Foam core mattresses use a range of foams to ensure utmost comfort while you sleep. The wide range of foams ensures a large mattress selection choice based on individual needs. View
High density A high-density mattress simply means a mattress with more foam. This results in a mattress that has greater durability, increased longevity and better motion isolation for couples. View
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