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10 Tips to Get a Natural Good Nights Sleep

When a persons sleeping pattern is disturbed it can take a number of weeks before a more normal pattern is re-established. There is however a natural way to influence and "reset" how one gets to and stays asleep.

Below is a list of the 10 most basic sleep tips and that should help you get a good nights rest. For the best sleep results you will need to implement one or more of theses tips before seeing a noticeable effect on your sleeping patterns.

Stick to a regular sleep schedule

Moms around the world have been advocating this for decades and it seems that they are correct in saying that a regular sleep routine is good for you. This is because sticking to a regular sleep schedule means that your body can set itself to a healthy internal rhythm and allows one to get up at the time they want while still feeling refreshed and well rested.

Try to sleep only at night

Many South Africans enjoy a Sunday afternoons sleep, but the fact is it is not good for your sleeping patterns. People need to avoid daytime sleep whenever possible as sleeping during the day "steals" hours away from the more important night time sleeping hours.

Please Note! If a daytime sleep is necessary for some reason try to limit it to 20 minutes or less. In other words, have a power nap and not a few hours sleep.

Exercise helps you to sleep

Exercise is good for you, but did you know that it is also good for sleeping? This is because the human body uses sleep periods to help with muscle and joint recovery after exercise. This means that as little as 20 - 30 minutes of exercise once a day can help promote better sleeping patterns. However, do not exercise just before bed as it will stimulate the body and make it difficult to fall asleep right after a workout.

Take a hot shower or bath before bed

The heat from a hot shower or bath helps with the relaxing of the body's muscles and helps to bring on sleep just before bedtime.

Try not to eat just before sleeping

Always avoid eating just before bedtime and leave at least 2 hours between meals and sleep times. This will help you get a better night sleep as your body will not be preoccupied with digesting food.

Avoid Caffeine

Not just an old wife's tell, but a hard fact! Caffeine is a stimulant and if you want a restful sleep you should stay well away from it in the evenings.

Read a fiction book before bed

Escape from the reality of everyday life and read before going to bed. This not only takes your mind of problems, but also allows you to flex your imagination. When lying in bed don't think of problems or plans and instead ponder the book you are reading as it again helps you to relax.

Do not try and sleep in a hot bedroom environment

Try to sleep in a room that is slightly cooler. This allows you to "sleep snug" in bed and helps to promote sleep.

Keep it silent

Turn off all TV's, radios and gaming consoles when you want to rest. No distractions help you to keep a clear mind, stay relaxed and fall asleep easily.

Avoid alcohol before bedtime

It might be a depressant, but it does not help a person get better nights sleep. This is because as the body digests alcohol it goes into a slight withdrawal and can cause a person too continuously wake up or experience nightmares.
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