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Top Ideas for Stylish Girl's Bedrooms

September 03, 2014

Top Ideas for Stylish Girl's Bedrooms

When you think girl’s room, the first image that springs to mind is a room bedecked with princess paraphernalia, with every corner screaming pink. While the traditional girly room is still very much a hit with aspiring princesses the world over, you don’t need your little girl’s bedroom to stick out like a sore thumb in your house - with some inspiration and a few clever tips, you can turn an ordinary little girl’s room into an extraordinary design feature that would not be out of place in a real palace.

Spend more on the bed: Instilling healthy sleeping habits in your children from a young age is one of the best things you can do for their brain development. There is no need to get your daughter a single bed just because that is what’s traditionally accepted as the child’s bed - if you have the space, a double or ¾ bed will allow plenty of room to stretch out and spread clothes on. The four poster Princes bed is an excellent option that will make many girls’ princess fantasies seem almost real, with a touch of olde-world class.

The Princes bed isn’t for every little girl, with many little girls being more at home in a treehouse or playing soccer with her friends. Fortunately, there are many neutral options too: Bunk beds are storage beds also come in a range of stylish designs and offer many space saving benefits.

4 Post Princes Bed

Focus on the lighting: Girls are more attuned to the emotional aspects of their environment than their male counterparts and as such ambient lighting is important for their moods. A chandelier will create a beautiful focal point that will also give your home a touch of class, however it may not work well with the princes bed, which is already an exceptional design feature. Instead couple your Princes bed with some beautiful pendant (hanging) lights.

Add a mirror or dressing table: Even from birth, a dressing table is useful, providing a place to put your daughter’s creams and hairbrush. If you don’t have space for a dressing table, consider revamping an antique mirror to teach your daughter about the importance of remembering her heritage.

Paint only one wall: Paint can get pricy and if you feel you may change your daughter’s bedroom theme in the years to come, keep all the walls white except for the wall next to her bed which you can change at your whim. This will be even more effective than painting all the walls because it will contrast with the white walls. If you’re someone who likes a neutral classy look, opt for a white look and then add splashes of colour at the end. White shaggy rugs always look classy but perhaps wait until your daughter is at least five years old before investing in one.

Keep clutter to the minimum: A load of fluffy toys is only going to detract from the bedroom’s look and feel. Choose one or two top quality toys to display and find a neat storage solution for the rest, which can be pulled out in the morning and packed away at night or when not in use.

Think about what values you want to exemplify: Trends in girl’s bedrooms change frequently, and even the very rich sometimes opt for the over-the-top look to make their little girls feel extra special. Don’t forget how you want your little girl to grow up. She’ll spend a lot of time in her room, so if you want her to be able to appreciate the simpler things in life, you may even want to go for a ‘closer-to-nature’ look and feel by bring in outdoor elements such as wall stickers of trees or even the careful use of some artificial grass and a mini-picket fence against the wall.

Whatever designs your tastes run to, be prepared to adapt them to accommodate your daughter’s changing interests, and when in doubt opt for a neutral or classic look.

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