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Tooth Fairy app to put tooth price fears to bed

December 24, 2013

Tooth Fairy app to put tooth price fears to bed

Don’t know how much to leave under your child’s pillow for their baby teeth? Don’t worry there is an app for that.

The Tooth Fairy Calculator app for iPhones and iPads will look at what parents of your child’s particular age group, income and education level are leaving under their children’s pillows and advise you on how much you should leave.

The reason for the need of this app? Parents are worried about their children bragging about the amount of money that the Tooth Fairy has been leaving under their pillows, only to find that their teeth are not as ‘valuable’ as their friends’ teeth.

So how much should you be leaving under the pillow? According to a poll conducted Visa Inc, the creators of the app, the average price of a lost tooth is around $3.70, or around R40.

The app is available on iTunes.


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