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5 Ways to Stop Snoring and Sleep Better at Night

February 22, 2016

Stop snoring tonight, wake up revived and refreshed tomorrow

Did you know that more than 45% of adults snore? Now, everyone snores every now and again, but regular snorers can suffer a great deal in day to day life. Snoring usually means poor quality of sleep, and we’re not just talking about for those who share a bedroom with snorers either! Regular snorers often suffer from poor quality of sleep which in turn results in them being tired during the day. There are also health risks associated with snoring too.

Snoring is the result of restricted air flow through the mouth and nose while sleeping. The tissues in the mouth and nose vibrate causing that all too easily recognisable snore. There is usually an excess of tissue in people who snore, and this tissue vibrates hence the rattling noise commonly associated with snorers.

There are medical treatments and operations that can be performed to prevent snoring, but there are also a variety of less extreme measures that can be taken before going under the surgeon’s knife.

1) Exercise and Weight Loss

Snoring is more prevalent in overweight people as they have an excess of tissue which as mentioned causes the vibrations associated with snoring, so a first step is to lose a few kilos. Experts also say exercise helps as it not only assists with increased oxygen intake and weight loss, but can also help build up muscles in the throat which aids in reducing snoring. So, put down that pastry and hit the gym! Not only will this assist with snoring, but there are a multitude of other health benefits associated with being in better physical condition.

2) Alcohol and Cigarettes

Both of these are the unholy grail when it comes to snoring. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the throat and therefore increases the chance of snoring. It also produces restless, fitful sleep and therefore does not contribute to a good night’s sleep. Smoking damages the tissue, membranes and tiny hairs in your nose and at the back of the throat, increasing the risk of snoring, not to mention the multitude of other health risks that come with being a smoker.

3) Change the way you lie

It is no great secret that if you sleep on your back you are much more likely to snore. The reason behind this is that when you are on your back you are putting much more pressure on the tissue in your nose and throat, therefore agaravating this area. Lie on your side to avoid snoring, and those bruises you are likely to get from being elbowed by your sleeping partner in the middle of the night.

4) Good Habits

Irregular sleep patterns, stress and not enough sleep are a big contributing factor when it comes to snoring. If you work late and don’t get enough sleep, when you do sleep you are likely to quite literally pass out. While this sounds like bliss it is actually very bad quality sleep as your muscles become so relaxed that they no longer function. As discussed earlier this level of extreme muscle relaxation increases the chance of snoring. It is also a good idea to stay hydrated. If you are dehydrated, then this too will put more pressure on your muscles and tissue, again causing you to snore.

5) Pillow Talk

Your pillow might be the culprit behind sleepless nights and bedroom rows over snoring. Many of us are allergic, or at the very least sensitive to allergens without even knowing it. Something as simple as a dust allergy could be causing you to snore. Replacing you pillow with a micro-fibre pillow could be the answer.

There is also a school of thought that suggests slightly elevating your head when sleeping to reduce the effects of snoring. Why not try one of our memory foam pillows or spine aligning boomerang pillows.

It worked for one of our customers. Here’s what she had to say: “Last week I bought a Micro-Memory Pillow for my son in law and myself. Both of us have had a snoring problem for quite a long time. I have even gone as far as going to an ENT surgeon to see if I might need an op. He wanted to give me one of these "air suction machines" which I flatly refused. I then saw your ad and decided to buy 2 of your pillows. Neither my son in law nor myself have snored since using those pillows.”

Contact one of our expert sales staff for more information on our wide range of pillows and bedding for a peaceful and snoreless night’s sleep.

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